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Pinnacle Vacuum Components together with Scientific Sales Associates. Located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, we offer a complete line of superior quality high vacuum components and house the largest inventory of high vacuum components in the Southwest! The products listed on this website are in stock now at our Albuquerque Warehouse.

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    ISO-KF/QF/LF Hardware

    Hinged Clamps, Stainless Steel - ISO KF Hardware ISO-KF SS Clamps                                Hinged Clamps, Aluminum - ISO KF Hardware    ISO-KF Aluminum Clamps

    Centering Rings, Viton® O-ring - ISO KF Hardware ISO-KF Centering Rings/Seals                Centering Rings, Viton® O-ring - ISO LF Hardware ISO-LF (Large Flange) Centering Rings/Seals

    Double Claw Clamps, Stainless Steel - ISO LF Hardware ISO-LF (
Large Flange) Clamps-SS         Double Claw Clamps, Aluminum - ISO LF Hardware ISO-LF (Large Flange) Clamps-Aluminum